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Portable measuring devices

port-priboruSpecial portable devices, for example, mini device for vibration measurement can be used at any big facility where precise data don't play critical role. Main advantage of such devices is a possibility to take a measurement during several minutes and pass on to another unit to continue measurement works. In this case, with constant record of data, the process takes only a short amount of time.

Due to modern technologies, functions of large-scale or non-portable equipment are gathered in one portable device. And even though the quality of measurements is not as ideal as with stationary systems, this portable vibration measuring device is an ideal solution for regular diagnostics.

Measurement of vibration level is a critical process for every manufacturing facility, where even short-term equipment downtime leads to losses. It is possible to reduce the risks of failures or even eliminate them at all with the help of multifunctional portable devices, which can measure vibration level and analyze it, giving all the necessary information for further repair.

Vibration level and its characteristics can give comprehensive information on condition of vibration analyzer. There is a possibility to determine the quality of lubricating oil and bearing mounting; vibration analyzer can detect even slightest errors in mounting process and maintenance service, which can further lead to serious malfunctions and long equipment downtime.

Process of vibration analysis is a wavelength scanning of vibration waves, which sheds the equipment, in order to detect possible reasons of emergence of "excessive" vibrations, which usually is a sign of a serious operation cycle failure. Well-timed vibration diagnostics can keep to a minimum a big number of potential threats of technogenic nature at site.

Portable measuring devices

Analyzer Leonova Diamond

LeonovaDiamondLeonova Diamond® is a portable instrument for condition measurement in rough industrial surroundings. This heavy-duty yet sophisticated instrument brings powerful analysis and troubleshooting capabilities to your condition monitoring program.

Analyzer Leonova Emerald

Emerald envirLeonova Emerald is a straightforward and efficient portable instrument for condition measurement in rough industrial surroundings. It is the perfect wear and tear choice for powerful analysis and troubleshooting in machine condition monitoring.

Analyzer BearingChecker

BearingCheckerBearing Checker is a compact portable device for quick and easy measurements of operation conditions, oil condition and rolling bearings conditions with the help of shock pulse method of SPM Company as well as for auxiliary measurements.

Analyzer VibChecker

VibCheckerVibChecker is a light and compact-sized instrument for vibration measurement in the 10-1000 Hz frequency range.

Tester T30

T30Теster Т30 is a portable device for continuous monitoring and condition diagnostics. 

Electronic leakage indicator LDE-10

LDE-10Electronic leakage indicator LDE-10 is designed for localization of the ultrasound source, indication of internal and external gas (liquid) leakages in the systems with excessive pressure and under vacuum.

Electronic stethoscope ELS-12

ELS-12Electronic stethoscope ELS-12 is high-sensitivity device which detects sources of various noises. Booster with audio level control is integrated in stethoscope. The listening is conducted by metallic probe and the sound comes through the headphones. 

Portable tachometer TAC-10

TAC-10Portable tachometer TAC-10 is designed for non-contact and contact measurement of the rotation speed, linear speed and peripheral speed.