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SANPO-19-09-16Measuring and computing complex SANPO for monitoring, diagnostics and emergency shut-down of dynamic equipment

Measuring and computing complex SANPO is a unique design of “Komdiagnostika” which meets the requirements of API670 standard (American Petroleum Institute, Equipment protection systems).
Complexes SANPO are designed for an online application in vibration protection and vibration monitoring systems of industrial equipment as well as for registration of failures, control of alarm, interaction with emergency protection system of the upper level.

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KDR-11-11-15Measuring unit KDR

Modular measuring unit KDR is a crate system with lots of functions and configurations.
KDR is a certified product of our company which is applied at industrial site for on-line monitoring and diagnostics of rotor and piston machines.

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vib8Vibration measuring device VIB-8

VIB-8 devices are designed to measure and transduce AC voltage output signals from the primary vibration transducers (vibration speed and vibration acceleration).

The devices are applied for control and balancing of the mechanisms in oil, gas, electrotechnical and other industries which use rotary units (gas-, steam- and hydro turbines, compressors, pumps, electric motors etc.).

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KD6407-29-08-2017Vibration transducer KD6407

Vibration transducer KD6407 determines pump equipment current technical condition by vibration levels.
Field of application: for measurement of absolute vibration of the controlled object on its own or as a part of vibration diagnostics and protection automation systems of the rotating and reciprocating units during their operation in power, engineering and other industries.

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KD612-11-11-15Vibration transducer КD612

Vibration transducer КD612 is designed for measuring vibration acceleration.
КD612 allows transforming mechanical vibration of various machines and units, specifically of rotor type units (gas, steam and hydro turbines, compressors, pumps, electric motors etc.), into a proportional electric signal. It can be used in oil, gas, power and other fields of industry where it is necessary to measure vibration parameters Frequency range is 0,5-10000 Hz, which allows detecting of defects on vibration spectrum analysis.

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KD8700-11-11-15Measuring channel КD8700

Measuring channel КD8700, which consists of vibration transducer КD8708 and secondary vibration transducer КD8713, is designed for continuous transformation of mechanical vibration into electric signals.
The sensor is explosion-proof, it can be installed in explosion hazardous zones and at external installations, where there is a possibility of formation of explosive mixtures, category IIA, IIB, IIC groups Т1-Т6 according to Electric installation code classification, chapter 7.3 «Electric installations in explosion hazardous zones». Sensor mark - 0ExiaIICT4 X.

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KD618-29-08-2017Vibration transducer КD618

Vibration transducer КD618, manufactured by LLC "Komdiagnostika", provides information about the current technical condition of the pump equipment based on vibration levels and temperature at the installation site.
Application: measurement of absolute vibration and temperature of the controlled rotating and reciprocating units during their operation.

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metallorukavMetal hose

Metal hose with 2S-shape lock, round, springy, high flexible, non-hermetic. The hose is mostly applied for mechanical protection of electric wiring (cables), tubes etc. 

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woodwardExplosion proof housing

Explosion proof housing is designed for installation of automation equipment in explosion hazardous zones.
Field of application - explosion hazardous zones class 1 and 2 acc. to GOST R 51330.9-99 (IEC 60079-10-95) of rooms and external installations in accordance with acc. to GOST R 51330.13-99 (IEC 60079-14-96), ch.7.3. of electrical installation code and other documents, regulating application of equipment in explosion hazardous zones.